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Becoming A Flockist/Stockist.

Working with baaad flockers®​​ is a unique experience where you get work closely with the artist and print team, also influencing the designs as we listen to any suggestions and ideas, inspired by your customers reaction to The Flockers and their slightly rebellious nature.  

As a wholesale customer, you’ll receive exclusive wholesale prices. All wholesale products are available for you online to purchase making it incredibly simple to get everything you need all in one go, with absolutely no hassle.

We know how difficult it is to have a small business and that’s why we support all our Wholesalers no matter what the size. You do not need to be a VAT registered company to become a wholesaler, you just need to be able to prove your business is legitimate.

The foundation of our brand is set with the idea that The Flockers, in their variety of illustrated antics, can appeal to anyone. With every stage of the printing process, from the design and print, right through to the boxing of the garments, takes place on the Worcester/Herefordshire border, the heart of sheep territory and the home of The Flockers.

As an established 'Flockist' you have access to Point of Sale items, hand crafted by Cookie, who will create something unique for your outlet, in whatever dimensions you need for your window or wall space. Our garments are becoming known for drawing customers into the store, creating an atmosphere of fun and and originality, which we like to enhance with an equally quirky Point of Sale piece.

It couldn’t be easier to register for a wholesale account. Simply fill out the short form online and wait to be accepted by one of our team!

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